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Top Tips to Consider When Hiring for a Web Design Company

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As a business owner you understand that you need to be found online as well in order for your business to continue to grow. But you don’t have any idea what to ask or look for when you are considering a company to design your website? You are not alone.

From our experience, finding a good web design company tends to be a bigger frustration to many business owners. There are a lot of companies out there that make a lot of claims but only a few that stand out and walk the talk. We have listed the 5 most important things to look for in a Web Design company.

Tip – Design

If you take into consideration the big changes in technology over the decades you’d understand that design is everything. Its one of the most competitive advantage that companies in the world use to get ahead. Its a different story how you will keep the users hooked in your website but getting their attention is.

The website with best design gets the customers and conversions. That zooms into the fact of finding a web designer that have good eye for design and details. And it can understand the latest trend, like mobile compatibility in all devices.

Tip – Price

Prices should always be reasonable. One common sin for some business owners is that they see their website as a “cost” not as an investment. For example you buy a phone, if you want a phone that will last for a lifetime or can live up to your demanding high volume of phone calls and audio playbacks, you need a quality phone and that comes with being pricey right? That logic goes with the price of web design

If you want awesome design and fast responsive website then you pay what you get. It is safe to consider that you are paying for time, and effort of artists that makes a website as a work of art with a functionality than just work of art that you put on the wall.

Tip – Web Maintenance

Web design companies interaction with the business owners usually ends when the website is done. It is absolutely necessary that the web design company should take time and patience in helping you understand how you take control of your website. Here at Graftene we offer web maintenance for clients. Take the updates and maintenance off their hands so that they can focus on other things like “Golf”.

Tip – Marketing

No matter how awesome and fast your website is, if its not search engine optimised it wont be in front of customers looking for your business. SEO (search engine optimization) is a crucial aspect that helps website rank in search engine. Helps in targeting your customers to your website, the web design company should be able to have that service as a back up. A web design company that builds website knows all the little corners of the website therefore will easily find their way in updating and keeping it optimized in the process.

If you want to handle the SEO yourself, we can recommend a simple 5 step process, but we always emphasize how a professional company that handles SEO since Google is very strict in rankings and what better way to help your business than lettng the professionals do the work.

Tip – After Service

Customer support is one of the best aspect of business. And if the web design company do a lousy job at giving you answers to your questions what more if you are having problems with your website and you are losing clients by the hour. Its a redflag if the web designers or company wont take time in understanding your business and how critical it is to lose customers.

With that said, we havent even tackled the other crucial aspects like social media and link building but that is for the next blog post. Keep learning, keep giving value online and you’ll soon see how valuable this new marketing channel is for you.

If you are thinking of hiring us to do all the work for you, give us a shout. We love to talk. Seriously!