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Have you ever wondered what sort exposure an old email might have?

Information Gathering Have you ever wondered what sort exposure an old email might have? Perhaps an employee, old or new, is using Facebook to discuss sensitive business information? Or maybe your just curious about your digital footprint across the internet? We’ve got you covered! by using the latest open source techniques, methodology and software, with […]

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How To Write SEO Content

If you have marketed online for long enough, you will remember the good old days when all you needed to write valid SEO content was to ensure you had a certain number of words and within them, a specific percentage of the keywords you wished to rank for linking to your pages. It was very […]

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Finding Website Design Inspiration

As a website designer, every project is unique. In fact, as a professional, you are regularly expected to provide something better than your previous effort. With the market becoming extremely competitive, creativity is always a bit part of this job. The worst moment happen when that imaginative spark required to start off a project goes […]

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Standing Out With Your Logo Design

Researching the logo of competitors. Logo’s are represented all over the world. To create a unique and creative logo takes time. Competing companies can be widely known for their logo design along with the name that is attached. A logo designer cannot possibly create the best logo design without looking into the market first. A […]

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Five Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online can be great for many people who are looking forward to some extra cash. Not everyone can step outside of their homes every day of the week just to work. A home job on your computer is a perfect example of making money online. Making money online doesn’t mean that you have […]

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The Importance of HTTPS for SEO

Marvin Magusara

What is HTTPS/SSL? HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is the communication between the browser and web server. HTTPS encrypts the communication between your browser and the webserver so that the data you transmit remains secure from external sources (ie your neighbour or the government). HTTPS indicates the websites authenticity and can be recognised by the green […]

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Digital Copyrighting and why it is very important

Digital Copyrighting and why it is very important What is Digital copyright? This is a legal ownership claim to contents that are published online and covers your data from breach. These content may be digital, media or print. When you get a copyright for the work that you have published online, you are recognised as […]

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