About Graftene

We're a team of doers. We're serious about delivering great outcomes.

about us

Graftene web design agency in Bournemouth, UK, is a company of fresh minds. We could write you an epic poem about ourselves, but it'll be easier to tell you what we do.

  • we do web design
  • we do apps
  • we do digital marketing & SEO

Most importantly, we enjoy what we do. We are a group of competitors and that competitiveness is what drives us, we want to be the best and that means delivering you the best Website, App or Marketing strategy.

They say design matters, but so does every feature, every detail and every experience - in short, we make sure everything counts. Every client requires a tailored approach to their individual requirements, so we will work closely with you to understand your business better and ensure you are happy with the end result.

Our Team

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Marvin Magusara Project Manager
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Rafael Castro Developer
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Andrew Ahearne Online Marketing
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Joshua Isola Jr. Designer

Our process



Most of our clients are local businesses in Bournemouth, Dorset area and being based in the centre of Bournemouth, it’s easy enough for us to meet our clients for a chat. Initially we just want to talk about your objectives and what you want to achieve, so we can find out exactly how we can help you. Whether it is in the form of a Website design, an application development or some help with online marketing – we’ll be honest with you as to whether we can take on the job or not.

Of course we are also open to questions so you can understand us better and how we work. We also have clients from all over the world so you can email us at [email protected].



We’re proper boy scouts, we like to be prepared. Planning is everything and part of that is plenty of research. This would mean looking into your company, industry, your competitors, your audience and most importantly, your goals and objectives.

Once we have a good understanding of everything, your goals and what is expected of us then we can confidently move on to production. Time and money can be saved through good planning, and I’m sure we both value those!



Design and Development. An average Web design project may begin with us presenting you some mock-up designs. The importance of design can vary from business to business but we never undermine it, it reinforces your brand and creates a user experience. Visual attractiveness of the product as a whole is essential but functionality is also just as important. That is why both designers and developers work together to create the perfect product that produce both the visuals and the functionality to create a great user experience.

Most of the production stage is just following what has been described in the planning stage. Turning to our skillets to execute what was described in English to code, and from code to a product.



At last we made it. Your digital solution has come together, we’ve adhered to the plans or made a few changes along the way, either way your requirements have been met. The solution has gone through testing and we are both happy with the results…from here on we can hopefully maintain a long term relationship based off the back of this project and have gained your trust. It’s cliché but we’re here to help you, just because we know it helps us!